La Libertine

It Eludes Me

Posted on: August 30, 2010

When you’re always in joke mode, how do you expect me to take anything you say seriously? How do you expect me to be able to tell the difference?

Yes, I get it that compromise is a big part of any relationship. But this kind of compromise (i.e. my mental wellbeing) isn’t in proportion to the kind of relationship we have.

I hope that one day you’ll understand that I’m not the sort of person who works hard at relationships. If things get too complicated or too difficult, I bolt. You can call me flaky or fickle minded but I don’t owe you anything.

I’m also a very sensitive person. You knew that the first day you met me. And to tell the truth, it’s also one of the reasons you like me. But you cannot be unfair; you have to take the good with the horrible. I’m not asking for the moon or Neptune, I just wish that you could be more tactful with the way you speak to me. Taking a minute to think through what you say isn’t a crime.

And this is why I’m alone.


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